April 12, 2002
New Exclusive Model - Vince Taylor!


Jet Set Productions had added a new member to the Jet Set Team...meet new exclusive model Vince Taylor! He can be seen in the upcoming release Prime Cut Video Magazine Vol. 7, Fraternity Jocks. You'll be sure to see this stud in future Jet Set Videos!!!

Vince Taylor


April 4, 2002
CUMMING SOON - Primecut Video Magazine, Vol. 7 - "Fraternity Jocks"


New HOT college Musclemen flaunting their best in this cumstacular video for all of you college jocks body worshippers. Out in April 2002!!!

Starring new Jet Set Exclusives in hot Solo Action:

Derec Lang & Devin

Derec Lang

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming releases from Jet Set:

Jet Set House of Sex

Jet Set Warehouse of Pleasure

Reel Guys

All featuring our hot exclusive models...familiar faces as well as new never seen before models!!


April 4, 2002
Jet Set "Fraternity Gang Bang" is now Available on VHS and DVD!!!!

Starring new Jet Set Exclusives:

Muscle GOD Gauge, as in 12 Gauge, Hot Puppy: Jon Christian, and cute as a button: Caleb; Jet Set has once again established itself as the new Talent King of Porn.

Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang opens as three new "pledges" go in search of the right fraternity for their lifestyles. Following a search on campus they decide to join Sigma Epsilon Chi - SEX.

Follow these three guys as they discover what they must do to enter this every exclusive fraternity. Watch as they suck and get fucked by the studs of Sigma Epsilon Chi in the hottest sex orgy of this fraternity EVER! Joined by Dante and Justin Mycles, the initiation heats up to an explosive climax of college cum.

DON'T WAIT - Order now (VHS OR DVD) for immediate delivery!!!!

Jon Christian


February 28, 2002
Brett Mycles on the cover of International Male

Brett Mycles

Cody Prescott from
"Jet Set Muscle"

    It seems Brett Mycles has been everywhere lately! Jet Set Exclusive Brett Mycles' latest cover is the spring IM Sport, now mailing throughout the country. For those who don't know, here's Brett's filmography: "JACKHAMMER", "COLLEGE JOCKS 2", "PRIME CUT 5 & 6", "WRESTLER FOR HIRE", and "STORM FIGHTER". All of Brett's videos can be purchased on the Jet Set web site.


    If you've been waiting for the DVD version of the hardcore body-worship spectacular "JET SET MUSCLE", it will be available for purchase next week. The all-star cast is headlined by the big and buff J. Steele, with his hottest performance ever on video. But what really makes this DVD sizzle is the 12 more muscle studs who are guaranteed to work you in a frenzy. Jet Set Exclusives Dante, Justin Mycles, Cody Prescott, Curt Baldwin, Alex LeMonde, Tony Banderas, and Diego Javier join fan favorites Nino Bacci, George Favor, Joey Foster, and returning star Callahan. >From RAD Video: "We are treated to a bevy of delectable, Jet Set-flavored, muscled studs in a series of threeways." See for yourself -- the VHS version is on sale now at jetset2000.com.

Review of "JET SET MUSCLE" from Odyssey Magazine:
    "Jet Set Muscle from Jet Set Productions features the much awaited return of Ty Fox, who's been repackaged by Jet Set as J. Steele. We are taken to a day camp for personal trainers and oh, how they are trained! If muscle sex is your personal choice of getting off then you will not be disappointed in this video. Hot guys, hot sex, and big pecs oiled up and ready for whatever the sun drenched day brings them come together in pairs and in groups. Jet Set Productions have some of the finest men around."

From a review of "JET SET MUSCLE" from ManNet:
    "As usual, Jet Set has managed to assemble a truly mouthwatering collection of studs for this one, and, in almost every scene, they all know how to dirty talk their way through any sex act, unless their mouths are busy doing other things. All the action takes place outside near a really beautiful ledge pool, and after every scene the actors (presumably still dripping with jizz) jump in. I'm pretty sure the pool guy needed extra chlorine that week."

February 21, 2002
New Exclusive model - Jon Cristian!

    Jet Set Productions has locked up discovery Jon Cristian with an exclusive contract, which means you'll be seeing a lot more of this hot stud in our future videos. Jon has already appeared as a top in "FRATERNITY GANG BANG", which will be available the end of March on the Jet Set web site. The versatile performer has also bottomed in an upcoming Can-Am/Jet Set wrestling video. Jon is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model who is looking forward to working with the Jet Set Team.

February 8 , 2002
Dante and Justin Mycles on the cover of AllBoy Magazine

    Arriving at your local newsstand next week is the April issue of AllBoy magazine, featuring Jet Set Exclusives Dante and Justin Mycles. The two favorites are on the cover and in a spread entitled "Beauty Match". From the AllBoy pictorial: "Dante gets together with his pal Justin once a week where they work out at their local gym. 'Once in a while we put our gloves on and give the old punching bag a workout,' Dante says. 'We never spar with each other though, cause we're not into fighting. I have to admit that I'm attracted to Justin which is why, when we get together, I get a woody.' Justin and Dante are Jet Set Productions models who met on the set and have become best friends. They're still hesitant to go any further, but they're only 19 so they have time to decide whether they want to go all the way. 'I dunno how I feel,' Justin tells us. 'I think Dante is a super guy and he's got a great body which I am attracted to. And, yeah, when we mess around I have to admit I kinda get aroused too, but I'm a little sex pig and can get excited about almost any kind of touching or feeling . . . so I don't know what that's about.'

    Both boys admit that they have 'messed around' with other guys, like Dante who says he has a friend from his neighborhood who comes over once in a while and blows him. 'I love to get my dick sucked until I come and my pal Donny is a great cocksucker, and he loves it so I let him.' Justin says he's had a few anonymous blow jobs at the local video store . . . 'You know those booths where you go in, put on a hot vid and stick your dick through that hole and get it sucked . . . it's really hot!' " AllBoy link: www.allboymag.com.

February 5 , 2002
Special Promotion for Web Customers Only

    For our internet customers only, Jet Set Productions is running a "BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE" deal. Here's how it works: You BUY any TWO Jet Set Team Productions listed here, then pick ONE of the five titles listed below for FREE. To take advantage of this offer, you must e-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-522-5557 with your IBC number (from your iBill receipt you received via e-mail). This offer is good for the rest of February.

Jet Set Muscle (NEW RELEASE)
Jet Set Diary
Dante's Sex Scandal
Cock Tail Gang Bang
Desert Pick-Up
Lords of Jet Set Manor
College Jocks 2 (ORAL)
College Jocks 1
Prime Cut Video Magazine 6
Prime Cut Video Magazine 5
Prime Cut Video Magazine 4
Prime Cut Video Magazine 3
Prime Cut Video Magazine 2
Prime Cut Video Magazine 1
Glory Holes 5: Leather Mania
Glory Holes 9: Locker Room Orgy
Glory Holes 14: Raw Rears
Glory Holes 19: Big Dick, Tight Ass
Glory Holes 21: Cum Queens
Glory Holes 5 Glory Holes 9 Glory Holes 14 Glory Holes 19 Glory Holes 21

February 5 , 2002
Coming Soon - "Fraternity Gang Bang"

    Jet Set's latest hardcore video promises to fulfill those college hazing fantasies. "Fraternity Gang Bang" follows three pledges who are rushing Sigma Epsilon Chi, known to have the best looking guys on campus. What the pledges don't know however, is what the initiation entails. Their five big brothers test out their commitment to the fraternity: but will the three pledges survive the end of hell week? "Fraternity Gang Bang" will be released in March, just in time for Spring Break.

The Fraternity Gauge

February 5, 2002
"College Jocks 3" - Available Now!

    "If you like big pecs, washboard abs, incredible asses and sperm spewing geysers, then don't miss this Body Worshiping spectacular. Jet Set's Exclusives are not to be believed."
- Steve Crunch, Hard Bodies Magazine

Other College Jocks Videos:

College Jocks Vol. 1, College Jocks Vol. 2

  January 15 , 2001
"Jet Set Diary - DVD" available for ordering!

    Jet Set Productions has just released "Jet Set Diary" on DVD! As superstar Dante writes in his diary about the week's events, the screen explodes into incredibly hot sex. Join in and sample the heat between these fantastic young studs!

Click here to order "Jet Set Diary - DVD"

January 14, 2001
Brett Mycles on the cover of Playgirl Magazine

You've seen him in "Undergear" and "International Male" catalogs, you've watched him in "Jackhammer!", "College Jocks 2" and in "Prime Cut Video Magazine 5 & 6". Now you can catch Jet Set Exclusive Brett Mycles in the February issue of "PLAYGIRL" in a scorching pictorial that is sure to heat you up!

Brett Mycles' Filmography:

Prime Cut Video Magazine Vol. 5, Prime Cut Video Magazine Vol. 6,
Jackhammer!, College Jocks 2, Wrestler For Hire!, Stormfighter

January 2, 2002
Look what Santa left under the Jet Set tree!

Please welcome the latest in a long list of phenomenal men to join Jet Set Team Productions - Gauge!

At 5' 10" and 230lbs., this major hunk is a competitive bodybuilder who loves to strut his stuff. His first action begins now with a Jet Set - Can-Am wrestling video as he tops Antonio Suave. One week later he tops in "Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang", a not to be missed premiere of this sensational stud from the company that has these studs just keep on cumming!!



You can see Marcus (of "Jet Set Diary" and "College Jocks 2") on this month's cover of Allboy Magazine.
Coming Soon - Justin Mycles appears on the premiere cover of the hottest new magazine -- BadPuppy !

Marcus Justin Mycles