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hotspin.gif (13000 bytes)       There's no dream like a
Hungarian wet dream.

   Internationally famed director Steve Cadro heats up the video screen with incredible man-to-man action. The talented cast will quench your thirst as totally hot, uncut studs, give you more than a mouthful! In our story, a young man tosses in bed dreaming of the blue Danube. He enters a waterfront bar where the patrons and staff pair up, get naked and explore their sexual desires. Featuring Flame, Tibor, Istvan Foki, Ivan Gromov, Chris Baracqua, Mark, Csiko and Dominique Chimaux.

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Military secrets and the
men that need to keep them

From brawny barroom lust to breezy bedroom romance, director Paul Barresi takes you on a surprise-packed, scorching sift into hidden secrets and deep, dark military fantasies. A place where sizzling action and a powerfully potent plot create a really memorable experience. Starring Cole Tucker, Scott Matthews, Rob Steel, Alex Wilcox,  Reed Parker, Anthony Cox, Frank Taylor and introducing newcomer, hunky Kris DeFerr.


Urban legends
explode in passion.

   Hot city dudes show you exactly how to have fun. Heating up the screen, these eleven ethnic studs are primed & ready for extra steamy action in five scorching vignettes just for you. This video, showcasing the best in ethnic talent, stars ebony heartthrobs Bobby Blake, Buck Stradlin and J.C. Carter. Also Latin sensations Rick Estephan and Jason Nobles. And including some of your  favorites, Rob Cryston, Shawn Justin, Duke Johnson, Big John, Don-E and Flash.

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More sexual madness       hotspin.gif (13000 bytes)
around the pool table.

The Hungarians are back with more action-packed fucking... Euro-style. Join these rough and tumble Europeans as they shoot their way into the winner's circle. See who's is the biggest Cue and Balls when these uncut hunks go in for real man-to-man competition. Directed by Steve Cadro and starring Gary Miles, Kalman Kiss, Istvan  Foki, Tomi Barna, Gabor Vad, Tamas Gondor, Kalman Erdely and Tibor.

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