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< Hot, and horny
man-action MOVIES.

We at JET SET PRODUCTIONS are very proud of the movies we make. The videos are hot and the men sizzle. Our library is full of many different types of action, so there's something for everyone. Check out our stuff for the Best in Mentertainment!

just for you.

Info on the Newest Releases before they hit the video stores. You'll be the first to know and our mail order department is primed, pumped and ready to ship.

Exclusive ON THE
JET SET coverage.

We take you behind the scenes in the Jet Set Gazette to the sexiest productions in erotica. See the stars perform and the directors direct them to climax after thrilling climax.

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and take the TOUR.

Do you want a quick look at what we offer? Then take our preview tour and check out the goodies. Of course, this can never do compared to the real thing. Lotsa hot stuff if you join.

The joy of

Joining us has it's pleasures and rewards. Members have access to the hardcore gallery, gazette and videos, with discounts on orders. Exciting sales, promotions and more.

The hottest >
PHOTOS around.

Our Gallery features photos taken from the actual productions - with the stars and scenes you'll see in the video. Beautiful hi-rez photos that capture the hottest man-to-man action.

Incredible VIDEOS,
incredible action.

Check out the hottest Video Streaming on the web. Our library is full of the best hardcore action on this planet. Handsome hunks in hot and horny humping.

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All the videos on this site are for sale if you're over 21. We have a library of more than 180 films, and adding more every month. Ordering is so easy, 24 hours a day!

Our favorite
outside LINKS.

We are not alone in this erotic Universe. There's something out there for everyone. Some of our friends have Linked up with us and you're welcome to check them out.


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