"Lords of Jet Set Manor"

A Video Review by Bo Champion
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*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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    Okay, this movie is not perfect, especially if you demand absolute tight editing in post-production. But, who the fuck cares ... these guys are hot! "Lords of the Jet Set Manor" has been one of the more hyped productions of the year. It's filled with an assortment of what are billed as Jet Set Exclusives, a quartet of buffed beauties who blow your mind as soon as they appear on the screen. The only problem is, I can't identify all of them for you because there are no liner notes and no screen captures matching the names to the faces. But, the asses, cocks and bodies more than make up for that. And, there are two very recognizable porn veterans here, so we might be able to be coherent.

    This plot is supposed to be an audition for a porn flick. The location is a mansion, with plenty of places for the boys to get it on. The dark, sloe-eyed beauty Jeremy Brooks makes his way up to the audition on a stone garden path and is greeted by a wondrous body in a Speedo attached to a face that bears a great resemblance to current superstar Lane Fuller. Well, it's not. We think it might be a guy named Jason from stills on Jet Set's website -- but he might be billed here as Jay Heiss (someone ought to get it straight because you are going to want to see every movie this boy is in). I'll call him Jason. There's some cute dialogue (Jason appears to have a slight middle European accent), and then the liplock comes. Here we have a screen pro, Jeremy, taking over completely, showing the ropes to an obvious screen neophyte who fits the Jet Set Exclusive role here very well (they appear to be strictly trade, but then really get into their scenes). In Jason's case, however, there is great doubt about that. He kisses with warmth, and he does a professionally smooth job of diving into Jeremy's jeans for the prize. It's here that you get another surprise -- Jason has a tongue spike. Normally, I am adverse to these things, but this one, well, it "fits" this boy. After bringing Jeremy to the brink of explosion, he backs off and lets his partner into his Speedo's, which concealed a rock-hard cock that turns up and inward. Jeremy has a feast, and then turns Jason around up against a large rock and dives face-first into his butt. Listen closely and you'll pick up some delicious little squeals from Jason over the soundtrack. Then Jeremy decides this is quite enough, he must conquer that ass, and swoosh, up the chute with his pole. This is a nice doggy-style pounding that segues very easily into a sit-fuck. All the while, cute boy Jason is showing distinct pleasure, and subtly brings that point home during a sequence where he is shown just sitting on Jeremy's cock, not moving at all, holding his pud and feeling good. He then starts a rhythmic movement that gets both he and Jeremy off in gobs of goo (very nice load here from the blond boy-toy) and the two fade into the distance as they go to meet the other guys in the mansion.

    Next we have hot little Latino Tony Banderas wandering onto the grounds with a backpack. He's looking for the mansion, finds it, and goes in the door as the camera cuts to the mono-named Dante coming down a spiral staircase (which is covered, as is the whole room, believe it or not, with awful shag orange or burnt-umber carpeting, right out of 1972). Dante is another Jet Set Exclusive, and, boy, are they lucky. (If they dropped DNA into a test tube from Leo Ford, Kevin Williams, Rod Barry and Jake Cannon, that's what you'd get.) What Dante gets is Tony's mouth on his cock in about five seconds -- and what a wonderful cock it is. It is so rare that you see the perfect cock for a perfect face and body, but this is your chance -- maybe seven, eight inches, tops, but nice and thick, just the right size for any mouth or butt. And Tony gives it a very serious workout both front and back. One of the nice things about this movie is that the sounds of sucking and rimming are emphasized over the soundtrack, but they are not annoying as they can sometimes be -- they are as they should be, reminiscent of waterfalls or dripping faucets, if you get the drift. Tony's protracted blowjob of Dante might lead you to anticipate that this blond beauty is simply trade, but there are other things to come. Tony turns him over that awful couch and rims him to high holy heaven, with delicious moans of pleasure coming from Dante. Soon enough, Dante turns from an idol into an idolater as he flips Tony over and goes right for his cock. Dante shows a two-stage technique here that leads you to believe this might be the first time he's given head on camera, or anywhere else -- holding the cock as he sucks its head and then abandoning that and going to chow-town full force. It's a super turn-on to see him get turned on, and the completion of the couplet (Dante doggy-fucking Tony and then plowing him to a quick climax missionary-style) seems so much more natural because of the intensity of Dante's cocksucking.

    Our next candidate caught walking up the garden path is Kurt Baldwin (we are sure of that), who announces to the first hot guy he sees that he's there for the audition, that he doesn't know if they want a top or bottom, but he can do both. The guy he's talking to (Kyle Stevens) is really the gardener, but with a line like that, he ain't telling. This encounter quickly melts into a furtive sex scene, with both boys showing some very nice talent -- and bodies. Kurt is built like a halfback and Kyle is more the swimmer type, and they oddly resemble each other facially. They have medium sized -- but very hard cocks -- which Kyle is first to sample. The nice thing about this couple is that they seem to be really enjoying each other. Both are skilled oralists, and, in a surprise, it's Kyle who bottoms here -- first doggy-style while up against a fence, and then, after a brief search for more comfort, in a sit-fuck alongside a small pool. There is good sex talk here, underscoring the fun these guys are having, and even though the scene itself is brief, the load each blows at the end are very impressive indeed. This is the most natural scene in the flick, and it works because the models tell you from the first time they look at each other that each wants to get into the other's pants.

    We are then taken to one of the terraces in the mansion, where we are introduced to Brock Dylan, who has made his way up the path looking for someone, or some action. Brock is simply not to be believed, and is tough to describe. He's dark haired, blue-eyed bodybuilder-type with a matinee idol face, accented by a chin dimple (that, at one time, was a ticket to movie star enthronement). You see this guy and you say "trade," and at first, you might think your instincts are right. He comes upon Mycle Roc who is sitting in an armchair on the terrace overlooking most of Southern California (Mycle is a veteran who made a few movies a couple of years back). One of those not-quite-pretty-not-quite-handsome jock types, Mycle takes one look at Brock and the scene switches to his mouth engorging Brock's cock. Mycle wants the cock badly and spends a couple of minutes sucking and worshipping and talking nice trash to the six-inch rod -- and then you get a big surprise: it's Brock who's on his knees doing the deed. This scene, which has some nice banter between the two guys, has two problems. First, Mycle can't keep it totally hard when Brock is trying to get him off -- maybe he simply was overwhelmed by the guy's beauty. In any case, there is a brief sequence in which Mycle sports a very good stiffy, and Brock is obviously enjoying his role much more, before the obvious happens: Brock takes Mycle doggy-style over the terrace railing. This is an enthusiastic fuck, and more realistic because in mid thrust, Brock pulls Mycle back and, cock still inserted, sits on the chair and starts pumping Mycle more. However, in between this action, another auditioneer (Kyle Harman) comes through the mansion gates, up the path, and spies our duo. This guy is another bodybuilder, and though he's attractive enough, all he does is a solo, getting off on the Mycle-Brock scene. This is a distraction, with his solo laid over the sit-fuck on the terrace. He cums and leaves while the fuck continues, and then the scene cuts to Dante and Jason coming out of the mansion. They, too, spy the fucking couple, and call them over, "Why don't you finish your audition over here?" The quartet then gathers around a pool in the path to the house, and they all jerk off. They cum, and go back into the house. End of flick.

    This ending, which really begins with the solo scene, does nothing for this movie at all, and you should be aware of it if you have a high expectation that a porn flick should end with a scene that supercedes all that precedes it. However, if you rewind the cassette, go back to the beginning, and watch it again, you will find yourself sitting there in wide-eyed amazement, cock in hand, muttering out loud, "I can't believe they got these beautiful boys to make this video," as you reach for towel after towel (indeed, if Abercrombie and Fitch wanted to cash in on the porn boom with their models, this is the format they could use). You'll also want to call your travel agent to book you into the Jet Set Manor at first opportunity.

A Video Review by Bo Champion [ [email protected] ]


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