American Porn Star .. currently in production

April 25, 2003 Hollywood,CA

Matthew Moore, Director of the recently released Jet Set Productions title "Mirage" is currently filming Jet Set's next big title "American Porn Star".

Storyline: The producers of American Porn Star are in the first phases of selecting sexually superior men who will be given the chance to go to L.A. and compete for the ultimate title of American Porn Star. Here we find them in Chicago, where 10-12 contestants will be whittled down to six semi-finalists. Then one of those six semi-finalists will be chosen as the area finalist to go onto the bigger competition in L.A. Each semi-finalist will be required to perform sexually (no singing in this contest!) for the panel of three judges. Sounds straight forward (pardon the pun) but as things heat up ...

Cast List:
Jet Set Exclusives -
Tag Eriksson, Jason Adonis, Lorenzo Vargas, Derec Lang, Vince Taylor

New Jet Set Exclusives -
Ken Scott, Ben Campezi

Also Starring:
Former Porn Superstar Alec Powers, Rico Suave and Jason Secrest (Non-sexual Role)

More info and pics from the set to follow soon ...

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