Hole nominated For 9 Awards at the 2004 Grabby Erotic Gay Video Awards..
Best Gay Video, Best Comedy Video, Best Directo, Best Screen Play, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Comer, Best Solo Performance, Best Group Sex Scene

Everyone wants something in the town of Dusty Gulch. One wants his truck fixed and his fortune. Another wants to reveal his secret only if convinced. Three locals want the outsider out and each others dicks. Two want a ranch hand job, and Dusty Gulch wants to keep the gold hidden. Who gets what and how? Desert Pick-Up 2 tells

How do you top the success of a block-buster video? Why a sequel of course!
Jet Set Team Productions first mega-hit Lord of Jet Set Manor is back with Lords II – Return to the Manor. The opulent castle setting is the same but with a whole new cast.

Weather Warning: Expect Haze to affect the Nation starting in April…
Ok, its not that kind of haze but the frat boy kind – well, even better. Jet Set Productions delivers what Animal House never could – hot guys! This is not your regular frat house though – its bigger and better – not your father’s alma mater......


Cocktails With The Stars
It's Jet Set's Salute to the American Porn Star promoting their new release "American Porn Star" all month long at Mickeys in West Hollywood.  Check out more on American Porn Star at www.americanpornstar.tv
HX Magazine, the east coast's glossy gay magazine, gives Jet Set's new mega-release American Porn Star a sweeping thumbs up from the judges. 
Hole At London Film Festival
The Hole @ London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Hole GAYVN Nomiated for 9
THE HOLE is nomiated for a total of 9 GAYVNs - the most ever for a Jet Set title.
The Fuk Club
Jet Set Sport is pleased to announce the release of "THE FUK CLUB"! Where a group of guys get together to compete....
1st Annual Gay Erotic Expo L.A
Jet Set Productions sponsors 1st Annual Gay Erotic Expo in L.A. Sept 20th & 21st
Sex on The Run
New review of Jet Set Productions "Sex on The Run"
Jet Set Announces New Video Line
Jet Set Productions is pleased to announce a new line of videos under the banner Jet Set Sport.
Tag Eriksson - Sweden's most recent great export!
Forget Ike, Volvo or Absolut - we've got Tag! This fall, Tag Eriksson, star of THE HOLE and starring in the upcoming American Porn Star, will be acting as Jet Set's roving ambassador around the world...
Best Gay International Video Nomination
Jet Set Productions is proud to announce that their Wash West directed mega-hit "THE HOLE" has been nominated for Best Gay International Video for the Venus Awards in Berlin...
As seen on TV!!
Jet Set debuts on the small screen! VH1 is airing several times over the next few weeks a new special called Totally GAY, written and directed by Wash West, the director of Jet Set's THE HOLE...
Gay Erotic Expo
Jet Set joins the impressive list of sponsors of the upcoming Gay Erotic Expo in Los Angeles in September, and New York in October...
NEW JetSet Video! - Birthday Wood
...Hard wood, beautiful out door locations, and mounds of cum that splash all over hard bodies, faces, and great asses; provide you with the best of Robert Boggs to date..
The Gods are smiling on our man Adonis
Jet Set exclusive Jason Adonis makes the cover of two more magazines this month...
Jet Set Boys In The Press
Jet Set Boys just can't stay out of the press - but that's a good thing!
The accolades for THE HOLE keep pouring!
More press for the hole from Gay.com, The Blade and First Hand Magazine

Dante, The Collector's Edition
Attention Dante Fans!! The ultimate collector's edition of his work is being released in July!
Buttmen 3 Book
Jason Adonis' booty makes the cover of Buttmen 3, a publication of erotic stories...

XXX Showcase
THE HOLE is movie of the month! Billed on the front cover as Jet Set's wicked Comedy.....
More Virgin Signing Pictures
More photos from THE HOLE signing and afterparty.

2 Magazine
The May/June Issue of 2 Magazine features a spread with Jet Set exclusives Marc Stone and Derek Lang...
Inside Porn Magazine
Trent Atkins, A Gay Games Medalist, and the bottom star of the orgy scene of THE HOLE appears on and in this issue...

Unzipped July 2003 Issue
THE HOLE is number 1! on their Superstar Top 20 list...
Men Magazine June 2003
Jason Adonis graces 12 full pages of the recent issue of Men Magazine...

More Pics from the Virgin Signing - 3
From the Mega Store signing by the cast of THE HOLE...
"American Porn Star" Sneek Peek
Matthew Moore, Director of the recently released Jet Set Productions title "Mirage" is currently filming Jet Set's next big title "American Porn Star"
More Pics from the Virgin Signing - 2
From the Mega Store signing by the cast of THE HOLE...
Men of THE HOLE are out of the closet!
The Men of the Hole are interviewed by Out of The Closet TV at the Virgin Megastore...

Men of THE HOLE unzipped
The Jet Set exclusives of the new Wash West horror parody THE HOLE are features in the June issue of Unzipped Magazine...
Hundreds of fans turn out for Virgin Megastore Signing
Here are a few pictures with more to follow over the next several weeks...from the Mega Store signing by the cast of THE HOLE...
"American Porn Star" .. currently in production
Matthew Moore, Director of the recently released Jet Set Productions title "Mirage" is currently filming Jet Set's next big title "American Porn Star"
Tag Eriksson does Cocktail with the Stars
Tag Eriksson appeared as the guest star at Cocktail with the Stars hosted by Jason Secrest. The event was a great success...
The Hole - Review
"THE HOLE is a masterpiece!"
Warehouse Of Sex - Review
"Working in a warehouse can be a crappy job....but if the warehouse is owned by Jet Set Productions, the benefits rock."....
"Pumped Up For A Gang Bang" Now Available...
Don't look now, but we have just released Jet Set International's: "Pumped Up For A Gangbang" on both VHS and DVD..

THE HOLE - Now Available on DVD!
Finally! Hot off the presses! The video that everyone is touting as The Video Of The Year, and the Best of the Best from Jet Set: "THE HOLE", directed by Wash West...now available on DVD....
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