"Hundreds of Fans Turn out for Virgin Megastore signing of THE HOLE "

West Hollywood, April 22, 2003.

Here are a few pictures with more to follow over the next several weeks. Also, next week we will have pictures of the after-signing party at The Abbey in West Hollywood

Part of the cast from THE HOLE getting outfitted by designer Greg Parry for the signing. L-R Michael Knight, Designer Greg Parry, Damon Ivy, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Sam Tyson, Adam Killian and in front T.J. Hart
Gay, straight, male, female, young & old - everyone was excited to meet so many hot porn stars.
Director of THE HOLE Wash West shows off his masterpiece.
Jet Set's Director of Marketing Brett Drysdale and editor of THE HOLE Andrew Rosen anxiously await the screening of the trailer on the big screen at Virgin.
Jason Sechrest of Jasoncurious.com (starring in a non-sexual role in the upcoming Jet Set video American Porn Star) interviews "the biggest pussy hounds in the west" Sam Tyson and Jason Adonis

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