"Mirage" - Now Available on DVD!
Don't miss this opportunity to get the best from Jet Set Team Productions. Mirage, Starring Jason Adonis and Mark Stone, now on DVD!
"Sex on Duty" - Now Available on DVD!
Available for the first time on DVD, Jet Set International's "Sex on Duty", a video by Robert Boggs and his hot, horny cast of sex starved soldiers....
Virgin's Hole Keeps getting BIGGER
Jet Set Production's premiere signing for The Hole at Virgin Megastore keeps gathering momentum. Greg Parry will be supplying the outfits (sexy yet skimpy is the trend this spring), and on top of all that the event is going to be filmed by VH1.....
HX Magazine likes what it sees in "MIRAGE"
Marc Stone's world-class bodybuilder physique is attached to a face that makes you want to pinch his cheek, ruffle his hair and saw "awww"...these boys...are beautiful....

Jet Set Man Of The Year - Highly Recommended
MAN OF THE YEAR...Highly Recommended, Martin Cox,
Read the review here.....

Boys of "THE HOLE" to Visit VIRGIN
Jet Set Productions is pround to announce the personal appearance of several of its stars of the upcoming Wash West film "The Hole" at Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood on Tuesday, April 22nd @ 7:00PM...

Sponsored by "THE HOLE"
Once again, Jet Set Productions has eagerly decided to participate as a corporate sponsor for Will Clark's Bad Boys of Porn Pool Party, Palm Springs Edition...
"THE HOLE" is Big!
"This is the must-see gay video of the year!"
- Butch Harris,

The reviews are in and THE HOLE is a critical success:

"Jet Set International Is Back With A Bang"
Jet Set International is back with a bang or actually a gang bang but we are getting ahead of ourselves – first is the remake of “The Dirty Dozen”.
Jet Set Is Covered
The hot men of Jet Set Productions have for some time now been a favorite of the gay glossy magazines available in stores and at newsstands. This year will be no exception!
"The Hole" - Jet Set's "Jewel In the Crown"

Coming to on March 27th is Jet Set’s “The Hole”, the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the beginning of Jet Set’s year long celebration of it’s 10 year anniversary. It is directed by uber-famous, award-winning Wash West and is Jet Set’s most ambitious and expensive movie to date.

New Exclusive - T.J.

T.J. - Jet Set Team Production is pleased to announce the signing of T.J. to an exclusive
contract ...

New Exclusive - Tag Eriksson

Jet Set Team Productions is pleased to announce the signing of Tag Eriksson to an
exclusive contract ...

Jet Set high On Bud Light!

AVN Magazine, Gay Boneyard Column
Los Angeles Jet Set Productions recently announced the signing of a two- picture deal with highly acclaimed award-winning director Bud Light ...

Hot, Hotter, Hottest: "The Hole" starring Tag Ericsson

Bud Light, aka, award winning director, WASH WEST, has teamed with Jet Set's incredible stable of Studs to produce his first Jet Set Team Production: "The Hole: starring Tag Ericsson. Production is wrapping up this with a complete press release to follow ...

Jason Adonis at A Different Light Bookstore - West Hollywood, CA

Come meet Jason Adonis at A Different Light Bookstore in ...

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