"Boys of THE HOLE to visit Virgin Megastore"

Jet Set Productions is proud to announce the personal appearance of several of its stars of the upcoming Wash West film “The Hole” at Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood on Tuesday, April 22nd @ 7:00 pm.
Several members of the cast along with other Jet Set exclusives will be available for photo-ops and to sign purchased copies of “The Hole”.

“This is a coup for Jet Set!” exclaims Brett Drysdale, Jet Set’s Director of Marketing. He elaborates, “Virgin Megastore has never before had a signing event for an adult video”. Today, Thursday, March 27th is the much-anticipated release date of the video (DVD to follow in two weeks) exclusively on JetSet2000.com and the launch of the specific site for “The Hole”, www.hole-themovie.com featuring trailers, photo galleries and more.

For the signing event, the video and DVD will be available at Virgin Megastore on April 22nd through April 27th. “They are the only store in the world carrying it for those six short days and then it will be pulled from the store and only available on the internet until its general release in stores across the country on May 20th”, informs Brett Drysdale.

“The buzz about this movie has been tremendous so far!” exclaims Brett. David Ciminelli, Editor of Unzipped Magazine has already proclaimed “The Hole and Wash West are the best things to happen to porn since the advent of the VCR!” Not to be outdone, Jason Sechrest of Jasoncurious.com praises, “The Hole is one of those rare gems in the blue movie world that will leave you thoroughly satisfied in more ways than the obvious. You’ll laugh and you’ll cum and then come back for more...boys, this is one that will stay on your shelves for a long time” and as Butch Harris of Mannet.com clearly puts it “Wash West has put together the must-see gay video of the year”.

As of press time, confirmed to attend from the cast so far, are Jet Set’s newest exclusive Tag Eriksson flying in from Sweden and Jet Set exclusives Jason Adonis and Lorenzo Vargas along with Sam Tyson, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Damon Ivy, Michael Knight, Adam Killian and a special appearance by female adult superstar T.J. Hart who has a cameo in the movie.

Jet Set Productions is the leader in gay erotic video and DVD celebrating the best in the All-American look. For more details on Jet Set products and events check out JetSet2000.com.

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