Jet Set high On Bud Light!

AVN Magazine, Gay Boneyard Column

Los Angeles Jet Set Productions recently announced the signing of a two-
picture deal with highly acclaimed award-winning director Bud Light. Light’s
talent for combining hot sex and topical humor has made his previous
hardcore parodies both critical and financial successes. They include Devil Is
A Bottom, The Florida Erection, Porn Academy, and Brothers In Arms (all four
All Worlds Video releases.) Devil Is A Bottom won the GayVN Award for Best
Sex Comedy in 2001 and was included on L.A. Weekly’s List of Best Movies
of the Year. This was the first time that an adult movie made the list.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Brett Drysdale, director of marketing for
Jet Set Productions. “With our undeniably hot models and Bud Light’s über-
talent with directing and scriptwriting, we are sure to have two mega-hits on
our hands. My job will be easy if Bud’s previous works are any indication of
what to expect.”

Drysdale also noted, “Jet Set Productions will be celebrating its 10th year
anniversary in 2003 and what better way to start the new decade? I am quite
confident that this will be a long and rewarding relationship between Bud Light
and Jet Set Productions.”

The tentative release dates for the two videos are yet to be determined.
For other films by Jet Set Productions, check out the web site at or contact Drysdale at 818-503-7741 x214.

--- Jeremy Spencer

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