"Jet Set International is back with a bang"

Jet Set International is back with a bang or actually a gang bang but we are getting ahead of ourselves – first is the remake of “The Dirty Dozen”. Ok, it is not a remake of “The Dirty Dozen” but Jet Set International’s first release since it’s very successful “Cocktail Gang Bang” has 12 hot guys in military garb. “Sex on Duty” throws the don’t ask don’t tell motto right out the door – actually right outdoors.

Now for the Gang Bang – one more guy makes a baker’s dozen and you get Jet Set International’s soon to be released “Pumped Up For a Gang Bang” – 13 hot guys more than just working out!

“Hey Buddy, I’m glad you’re back – or on your back!”
Number six in the Hot Buddies series is to be released shortly – here are a few pictures to get you interested!

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