"THE HOLE is big!"

The reviews are in and THE HOLE is a critical success:

"Wash West and THE HOLE are the best thing to happen to porn since the advent of the VCR."
-David Ciminelli, Editor, Unzipped Magazine

"This is the must-see gay video of the year!"
- Butch Harris, Mannet.com

"THE HOLE is f*#king fabulous!"
- Sean Spence, Gay Times, United Kingdom

"The Hole is one of those rare gems in the blue movie world that will leave you thoroughly statisfied i nmore ways than the obvious. You'll laugh and you'll cum and then come back for more..boys, this is one that will stay on your shelves for a long time."
- Jason Sechrest, Jasoncurious.com

"Wash West has reclaimed his throne with The Hole"
- Will Clark, Pornstar Confidential

"Wash West has outdone himself..there will, no doubt, be many nominations around awards time.."
- Mark Adams, In Newsweekly, Boston

Here are a few more exclusive pics:


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