Jet Set Man of the Year Highly Recommended

Jason Adonis, Marc Stone, Danny, Anthony Shaw

Jet Set Man of the Year - Highly Recommended, Martin Cox,

“Here’s the set up: bee-yoo-tiful Jason Adonis gets the plum job of screening possibilities for Jet Set’s Man of the Year title … the competition is going to be fierce and dirty - - but in a good way.

One stud to enter the contest is buff and blond Anthony Shaw. Shaw is pissed because he isn’t in the running .. to show Adonis he deserves consideration, he demonstrates his abilities. What follows is a really artful show of his talents, from his teasing approach to his utterly raunchy, fevered and loud responses when Adonis takes his ass. Without a doubt, this gets Adonis going and he shows it, with his reactions to Shaw’s ministrations that range from moans to sighs and deep intakes of breath when Shaw deep-throats him. By the time the two get to assplay, Shaw does such a great job of tongue-fucking Adonis that Adonis’ butthole opens up like a rosebud in the heat of summer. The fuck scene is impressive, with Shaw and Adonis rutting like a couple of dogs in heat.. these two guys know how to create real on-screen heat.

‘..Adonis plays the topman role to perfection, and his co-stars eagerly avail themselves of his many delectable charms as they offer up mouths and asses. The flick ends with some outtakes that are both amusing and erotic.”

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