Jet Set Boys just can't stay out of the press!

Jason Adonis and Danny Rhymes grace the cover of the July/August Issue of 2 Magazine. Inside is a 14 page spread "Take a little off the sides, and sitck it all the way in.."


New Jet Set exclusive (see model gallery) T.J. gets his first cover - Freshman July Issue. Inside is an 11 page spread with T.J. making the centerfold.


Our mega-stud Jason Adonis makes another magazine (they can't get enough of him!) The July Issue of All Man has a 6 page spread and comments "When we first laid eyes on Jason's sexy, piercing blue eyes, wavy hair, chiseled features and melting gaze, we couldn't help but think of those classic leading men from a bygone era, men who were at once romantic, fun, sexy, and totally male."

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