"Dante's Sex Scandal"

A Video Review by Bo Champion [ http://www.mannet.com ]

*** Highly Recommended ***

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Tony Banderas
Curt Baldwin
Cameron Sage
Eric Lang
Alex LeMonde
Joel Sjoberg
T.J. Slater

    Take off your clothes, men, Dante is here!

    He arrives on the scene with the face of a teenage tease, sun-bleached blond tousled locks, a bit of a toothy grin, the torso of a Greek god, one of the most beautiful pear-shaped asses you will ever see on a man anywhere, and a cock as thick as his wrists. Dante is the latest luscious pool-of-cum-inducement to spill forth from Jet Set Productions, which is making quite a name for itself lately in uncovering some stunningly beautiful bodybuilder types who don't mind fucking around with another man's parts. He's in two of the four scenes, and for the most part he delivers on the promise of sexual excitement, though he does have a way to go before he can be called a star. This, however, is a nice start.

    Dante drives from New York to sunny L.A. to (maybe) housesit for a friend. Nothing is very clear about the plot other than the fact that he needs to make sure that he gets a poolboy and gets the alarm working properly. He calls someone (may the owner) and tells him that the alarm is screwed up and that a poolboy is coming over. There's a lot of banter back and forth between actors in this flick, much of it almost hilarious in its silliness, but it works to hold a basic sex plot together. End of plot exposition, off with the pants.

    Poolboy shows up in the presence of tight-bodied Tony Banderas, a lightly blond-tipped Latino with a bit of a strut and a hot little ass. After he's greeted and assigned his tasks by Dante, he strips to his tight white boxer briefs, then to his skin, rubs some lotion over himself, poses here and there, tosses on a little swimsuit and gets to work. When he's almost done, Dante comes out in shiny sweat pants looking for some sun, prompting Tony to bring the raft over to the side of the pool. Dante takes down his pants - Jeezus! - he's already hard, with a straight-as-an-arrow seven incher, round and plump, surrounded by tons of real hair - no shaved beauty here! He lays face down on the raft, and invites Tony to apply the lotion to him.

    Tony can't believe his luck, especially when he gets to Dante's magnificent ass and thighs. Before long, the lotion is in his crack, and the prick is in his mouth - pulled from underneath Dante, through his legs. There's a lot of that in this flick - Dante seems to like having his cock sucked from behind, so that his partner can rim him as well without making too much of an adjustment. It adds to the excitement, especially considering that Dante himself is not exactly interactive throughout the movie. Here, after Tony flips him over and sucks him more deeply, Dante gets into the action by spreading Tony's legs and diving for his cute, smaller cock. Dante shows some style here, holding the cock in a couple of fingers while bobbing up and down (never all the way down) and licking here and there. He then flips on top of Tony for a short 69 respite before pulling him up and moving him against a tree for a doggy-style fuck. They move back to the mat for a sit-fuck during which Tony cums in a series of very solid, very white, milky wheys all over Dante's very special abs. Dante stands, spreads his legs, and cums on Tony's chest. They rise, give each other a little peck on the lips, and dive into the pool. Like the other scenes in the movie, there is a lot of talking during sex - it really isn't all that scripted, and it does make you believe in this case that Dante is at least fully engaged. You alwalys wonder that with such sex gods in the making.

    The second scene has absolutely no faking in it. Curt Baldwin is apparently house-sitting another joint in the same town and gets on his cellphone poolside to his friend Cameron Sage, invites him over to keep him company waiting for some repair guy to come. Some "company." Curt is a tight-bodied, energized sexpig who made a very favorable impression in the same studio's "Desert Pick-Up", and Cameron is a bit bigger, a little bulkier. Both are stunning examples of mid-20s California strawberry-blonds of any era - you rarely see two of the same type in a flick like this about to interact, and after some flirting, they go at it. This is a pig-out, complete with dirty talk and mutual oral gratification. Curt goes after Cameron first, licking a body that is covered with a tight carpet of hair all the way to the crotch before engorging the thick cock. He is an expert cocksucker and also likes to kiss and lick butt, which he does before cajoling Cameron to work his body and cock over. Cameron gives good head (well, Curt says so, anyway) and then takes the smaller guy for an around-the-pool fuck-a-thon - doggy-style here, sit-fucking there, until they both spew a load. It's not romantic as much as it's California-carnal - engaged but detached at the same time. But, it works, and it's the best sex scene in the video.

    Next, Dante comes out onto the patio where he's housesitting and lays down, butt-naked, for some rays. In walks Eric Lang, who's dressed in a brown shirt and black slacks - he's the guy from the alarm company. He's dark-haired, with somewhat of an Eastern European look, but he's not an import. He stops short and sort of hides when he sees Dante, who is rubbing and pulling his pud. Dante gets up, picks up the garden hose, does some obscene things with it, goes back, lies on his back, and then spots Eric. They engage in banter, which indicates that Eric is looking for the alarm's trigger mechanism, and then he says, gazing at Dante's wide load, "I think I found it." Yum yum.Eric has a feast on Dante's cock, including the from-behind bit, which Tony Banderas perfected in the first scene - this is a basic "worship Dante" scene, and in the end, Eric serves as a willing bottom for that massive tool without Dante becoming orally engaged.

    A lot of good sucking off Dante did, though, Eric's companylost the alarm contract, which forces Dante to interview three other company reps: exotic powder-keg T.J. Slater; pale blonde Nordic type Joel Sjoberg, and the lithe, defined, darkly handsome Frenchman (or French-Canadian) Alex LeMonde. He opens their bids in the living room in front of them all and awards the job to Joel, and leaves the room and the flick.

    T.J. and Alex decide that since Joel won the bid, they will have to collect payment somehow, and a three-way ensues right on the spot. It's a long, and at times, quite sensuous engagement, with plenty of chatting, kissing, licking, and cocksucking by all. There are also some unintended voiceover directions in the background ("open your left leg a little wider, Alex, that's good"). It's conventional as far as three-ways are concerned, with most of the real heat generated when the luscious Alex LeMonde opens his nouth to engorge a cock. Both he and T.J. make various sandwiches of Joel with their cocks, alternately feeding his face and butt, and they close the flick with a near simultaneous climax.

    Jet Set has emerged as a very reliable source of sensational new muscular talent over the past year or so, and in this one they have brought a serious contender for stardom in Dante. If he loosens up a bit and adds some intensity to his sexual repertoire - like Curt Baldwin - he could become everything they hope he will. Right now, though, he's pretty damn good to look at from tip to toe, especially when that pole of his gets a nudge in the right direction.

A Video Review by Bo Champion [ http://www.mannet.com ]


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