"Dante's Sex Scandal"

A Video Review by Kevin Johnson [ HX MAGAZINE ]

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Tony Banderas
Curt Baldwin
Cameron Sage
Eric Lang
Alex LeMonde
Joel Sjoberg
T.J. Slater

    It always amazes me how many ridiculously gorgeous young men get discovered every year - and have absolutely no problem at all whacking one out for the camera. It must be such a job for the casting directors. With their new exclusive actor, Dante, Jet Set 2000 has found a definite star. A stunning hot blond with a great body, beautiful face and giant fat cock. Dante plays the confident centerpiece of this film, and rightly so. Although his trade-only role in these scenes makes him look aloof and disinterested, his permanently rock-hard dick tells a different story.

    In the opening scene, Dante interviews prospects for the poolboy position at his fabulous Hollywood Hills pad; cute Latin muscleboy Tony Banderas has applied for the job. Naturally the interview process includes nudity, and before long, Banderas is rubbing on the sun-tan lotion, then licking it back off (yuk!). Banderas' dark complexion looks great next to blond Dante, and he knows how to suck a dick. The boy sixty-nine on a flotation device in the pool (which takes real good balance) before Dante throws a hot fuck into Banderas. "Looks like I found the right pool boy," Dante says. "Looks like I found the right boss," Banderas replies. I'd say they're both right.

    Next up are Curt Baldwin and Cameron Sage, two beefy blondes who house-sit while Dante is out and decide to throw themselves a little party. There's not as much heat as in the opening scene, and dicks go from rigid to wrinkled and back again at remarkable speed. There seems to be a lot of moaning and yelling for no particular reason, but the scene is still far from bad.

    Later, dark and hairy-chested Eric Lang comes to the house to fix Dante's security alarm, but finds him playing with his own master switch outside. Dante struts his sexy stuff again, rubbing his dick into the lounge chair and wiggling his cute butt in the air. He has an ass that just screams out to get fucked, but Lang doesn't get the chance this time - maybe in his next film (pretty please?). Lang really doesn't mind the alternative, getting lovingly shafted by Dante's thick piece, but who among us would?

    Finally, three more security guys offer their services to Dante. Dark and built T.J. Slater, athletic French-Canadian Alex LeMonde and slim blond Australian Joel Sjoberg make a nice variety of body types, and when Dante leaves them in the house together, they do their bit for international relations. A long seduction with lots of kissing and nipple-play gets all the boys hard and ready, and Sjoberg couldn't be happier sandwiched between the other two as he gets skewered from both ends. It's a shame you can hear the director saying, "Move your leg a bit," 'cause this is a real hot scene with three guys who know what they're doing.

    One major point in this film's favor is the fact that most of the performers are already hard even before they get their pants off, which makes a nice change from watching them pull at it for half an hour to get some life into it. (Thanks, Viagra!) Jet Set's videos are definitely improving, and soon they could be up there with the big boys. God knows what the "Scandal" part of the title is supposed to be about - the only scandal I can see is that nobody discovered Dante until now. Oh, did I mention I like him?


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