"Desert Pick-Up "

A Video Review by Bo Champion
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*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

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    "Desert Pick-Up" revoloves around a beat-up pick-up truck that is passed around in a forlorn desert truck stop, and a letter to one of the actors is also passed along with the pick-up. So much for the plot. It's a little rough around the edges, with some editing faux pas, but it is so enjoyable because of performances by Jay Heiss, Kyle Hardman, Brock Dylan and Curt Baldwin. Not that the others are slouches, but these four show far more enthusiasm and look to have more potential for growing into a porn career than the others.

    Brock Dylan, a gorgeous and muscular fellow, approaches a large muscular stranger (Derec Hardman) at a truck stop and asks him to give a letter to Brock's cousin (played in the last scene by Jordan Austin). Brock then hops into the old pick-up and heads intot the desert with blonde twinkie Chip Noll. Derec decides to take a walk in the same direction. The pick-up breaks down, and the two look under the hood. This is a pretext for one of four great opening lines to sex action you will hear throughout. When Chip asks what's wrong, Brock says, "I always think better with my dick in your mouth." That's it, and the overalls come off. Chip goes down on Brock's sizeable boner as Derec wanders into their territory and spots the action. "I'm going to make you a genius," Chip moans between chomps. This is an all-trade service scene, highlighted further when Derec wanders over and casually drops his overalls, enticing Chip to sample his own sizeable schlong. The sight of the pretty boy switching back and forth between the two muscular beauties is handled well visually. Eventually, Chip gets thrown over the driver's seat and sucks off Derec, who's in the passenger seat by then, as Brock plows him doggy-style. Then Chip moves Brock off of him to the sideboard, and sits on Brock's serious hardon, loading up on pulsations as he continues to suck Derec, who's now alongside. The two muscle boys cum on the Chip, who then spurts his own wad, and all three young men walk back to what is supposed to be town, well satiated.

    Later on, the pick-up is driven into the truck stop by a mechanic, T.J. Slater, an incredibly muscled exotic-looking man with a strut on him that says "suck my dick, I'm here." Waiting for him on the porch of the town's fleabag motel is Jay Heiss, a truly stunning blonde with a sensational body and a look of anticipation as he sizes up T.J. moving across the dusty parking lot. T.J. says he found a letter for Blaine Woods in the pick-up, and Jay tells T.J. that the guy lives around back. T.J. says it's hot and he needs to cool off, and Jay takes that as an invitation to get down on his knees, pull down T.J.'s tight cut-offs, and suck T.J.'s pecker. Jay is a good cocksucker, and he gets T.J. hard enough to excite the latter to return the favor. But it's a good fuck that Jay wants, and soon he's bent over by T.J.and rammed silly. The great thing about this scene is that both guys seem to be enjoying themselves, but Jay looks as though he just wants that cock in him all the time. There's a quick segue from doggy- to sit-fuck which takes no effort at all for Jay to just plunge his hole down on T.J.'s cock. He rides it vigorously and then offers himself up missionary-style on the porch. The two cum in good gobs, and there's even a little peck on the lips at the end. Both give good performances, but Jay's decadent "just shut up and fuck me" attitude is savoring.

    Jay puts the letter in a mailbox out back, and the pick-up now winds up in the hands of Kyle Hardman, who may or may not be related to Derec, but who is far more my cup-of-tea even though he is not a muscle hunk. Kyle is a hard-bodied swimmer typewith a real pug nose college boy look (a very young Ken Ryker look-alike). He makes some conversation with tanned Latino Antonio Suave before he asks Antonio to turn on the outdoor shower so he can get cooled off. Kyle strips down and starts cooling off as Antonio approaches. Here's another great line: "Het Antonio, you used to work in a gas station, right?" "Yes, sir." "Well," Kyle replies, "why don't you give me some service?" The action, which comes close to kissing (at Kyle's insistence) but never totally consummates in that respect, moves from the shower, where Antonio gives Kyle a good blowjob, to a tire pile, after the water pump runs out. There, Kyle gets down on his knees and vigorously pursues the task of getting Antonio's cock to grow harder, which it does. You've got to love the way Kyle goes about his task -- he seems to be saying, "Hey, I know I'm the top here, but give me cock and I'm happy." Sure enough, Kyle puts Antonio up against the tires doggy-style and gives him a hot fuck before they finish the coupling off in the same fashion under a gurgling shower. Kyle spills out a large load over Antonio's chest and then watches as Antonio spills his seed while sitting in the mud under the streaming water. The heat in this scene is all Kyle's (Antonio is obviously a bit nervous on screen and his exhortations during the fuck are really scripted; but Kyle is a natural, and should go far if he sticks to it).

    Finally, the mysterious Blaine Woods (Jordan Austin) shows up for his mail, in the same pick-up. He reads the letter and drives over to the fleabag motel where Curt Baldwin is sweeping up. Jordan is a sort of country-boy army-brat type with an angular face and a toned athletic body. Curt is more compact, and exceptionally "cute handsome." Jordan says he is looking for a black bag, which is referred to in the letter, and Curt says that he has to make sure that he's speaking to the real Blaine Woods. "Well, everyone knows I'm Blaine Woods," goes the line, "because of my cock." And he whips it out as Curt drops straight to his knees and goes to work for his supper.

    This is the most intense scene of the movie, with a lot of good sex talk back and forth, and both actors show superior cocksucking skills. Though it's obvious that Jordan will be the top, he does a good job servicing Curt's really good-sized rod, which projects out from his hot tan-lined body in aching anticipation. Jordan asks whether Curt wants to be fucked, and before you know it they're doggy-style over a booth. Curt is loving it, and talking up a storm as Jordan pounds him, then tells Jordan "let's go over there," and they proceed to the counterwhere Curt gets on his back and Jordan finishes him off, he then whips his condom off as Curt drops to his knees and lets Jordan's cum spurt all over him. Curt then cums in thick restrained blobs. He's satisfied enough that this is the real Blaine Woods after that, and he gives him the black bag. The bag contains his Uncle's will, giving Blaine all the property we have seen, and the interest in the oil wells around the place as well as the services of Curt. Jordan takes all this into consideration as he drives away in the truck.

    "Desert Pick-Up" is a follow-up to "Lords of Jet Set Manor", which also featured no-pretense sex with young muscled hunks. The studio has done well to keep the heat going in most of the scenes, three of which are dominated by guys they ought to develop into more intense actors. While all the models are turn-ons, Jay Heiss, Brock Dylan, Kyle Hardman and Curt Baldwin make this flick much more worth seeing. This flick sent me over the moon three times out of four scenes.

    That's enough to start off any millenium, let alone a new year.

A Video Review by Bo Champion [ [email protected] ]


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