"Prime Cut Video Magazine Vol. 1"

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ [email protected] ]

*** Recommended ***

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Director: Dylan Ryan


Brock Adams
Curt Baldwin
Brandon Winters
Jay Heiss a.k.a. Jason Hawke
Tyler Stone

    These solo videos from director Dylan Ryan have formula that is simple: hunky amazing men show viewers their dicks and asses, climax and leave. There is nothing frilly here; Ryan isn't trying to reinvent the genre. If you like solo videos, these are for you, for the men are just delicious. Their solo techniques don't reveal anything new, in fact the actual act of self-pleasure is not as important as the camera letting us drool over these stunners.

    Brock Adams is up first. He shows up at a sumptuous swimming pool (with a waterfall) wearing onionskin shorts that really don't contain his raging hardon. He gets himself wet and delights in his masculine muscular self before diving into the pool. Filmed in slow-motion, his shorts slowly fall off and he begins to jack off in the pool. Just don't look at his face; no one looks good underwater trying not to breathe. Concentrate on something lower. Between freestyle strokes he more interestingly strokes cock-style. He also sets the cock size tone for this video: the guys are not overly hung. Their bodies are usually more impressive than their dicks and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is, after all, a worship video. Done and done!

    Brandon Winters is asleep face down on a bed when the camera encounters him. His ass is squeezed adorably into a pair of tighty whities. He breaks tradition in this video by having a hairy ass, which he fingers non-invasively and delicately. There is very soothing music in this and all scenes, which makes this video great background for your next candlelit romantic coupling. Brandon's dick is actually fairly imposing, and he plays with it well. There are some great camera shots down the alley of his legs, where you can see both the ripe hairy ass and the pumping dick and balls. His cum blast is a nice one-shot load.

    You'll fall in love with Curt Baldwin, if for no other reason that when we meet him, he's watering his plants. So domestic! Well, he soon takes to watering his amazingly formed body and then doffs all clothing. He has a nice dick, but much better ass cheeks. He does some thrusting for us, to show how he would look in a different kind of video and it's encouraging! When he lies down, you'll take particular note of his perfected abs. How do these guys do it?

    Jay Heiss is "straight from Europe." His scene is bland and very short, he seems distanced from it. He's attractive, but not in the same cookie-cutter mold as the others (a mold that works very well throughout two videos, so don't knock it). He sits down, stroking to the TV and reveals his beautifully smooth body and tongue piercing. His dick is almost never hard in the scene, so the only real consolation here is his perky ass, most fuckable.

    Last and best is Tyler Stone. If you don't like solo videos, I suggest starting with Tyler to get you into them. This boy knows how to command a scene all by himself. First of all, you forget that there were four bodies before Tyler's, it's the kind that you would want to be the last thing you see every night and first thing every morning. Stunning good looks with not a muscle on his body untoned or unused. Even his legs are tremendously formed. More than any other scene in this video, Tyler's scene is about the camera absolutely worshiping the model for the viewer. The dick and ass shots, though wonderful, take a back seat to just watching Tyler. After standing by the pool for a while, he lies down in a deck chair and, handlessly thrusts through the slats, which is quite hot. When he cums, you will definitely feel spent, he's the closest thing to actual sex you've seen yet.

A Video Review by Brent Blue [ [email protected] ]


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